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Head Shots lighting pro secrets

Portrait - Head Shots

Fashion Shoot

Table-Top Still-Life

Photo Still Life

Lighting Diagram for Head Shots

Portrait Lighting Diagram - Photo Montage

Check out this Portrait lighting Diagram above for Portrait Head Shots.
The "Brolly" flash is set up On the right of the model, (center) and the large white reflector is on the left.(Don't forget to use a small White reflector at the front to light up the shadow Under the chin).

Jewellery Lighting

Check out this info on
Table-Top Photography

Portrait Lighting - Photo Montage at the top of the page, shows Studio Activity in a Pro' London Studio. Also on this assignment I shot several Head Shots, using the Portrait Lighting Diagram set up as above. However I added a hair clip light, an additional light bounced into the reflector and some background lighting.

The smaller image below and to the right, illustrates how you don't need a full pro' studio to shoot Tabletop Still-Life.

I walked into Phil Selfe's UK pro studio a few years ago, he was shooting Still Life with the exact same lighting set up that he and I have used for years, the only thing different was, he was using a bigger Soft Box attachment with modeling lights, than shown in the image here.

The tabletop set up
is in the basement of my house, with a low ceiling height of only 7'feet 6"inches, (2.3 meters) and is ideal for small still-life and portraits.

I've worked for some clients on their premises and have been confined to working in a space no bigger than 1.5 x 2 meters and been able to get good results, although the lighting was somewhat restricted.

You could also utilize a spare bedroom in your house, or better still a garage can make an ideal studio. I know of one pro' UK photographer in London that does all his work in his garage studio and it's perfect for his needs.

Of course if your going to shoot room sets, motor cars and lots of fashion, your going to need some serious space and bigger premises.

Studio Activity: Iíve worked in advertising and fashion studios for best part of my life and never gave any thought to recording the events as others might have seen it. So while shooting at my London studios in October 1999, I decided to change all that and gave a camera each to my assistant, my art director and client, and they all in turn, contributed to a collection of images that captured the events at the time. Thanks guys.

Side Note: My special thanks to Tammy and Keren for their help on this page and other parts of the website, I couldnít have done it without you girls.


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the importance of a good HAIRDRESSER and MAKE-UP ARTISTS.

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