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WANNAbe a MODEL pro secrets

so you - Wanna Be a Model: What did I hear you say, have you thought this one through clearly? OK. You’re a 14 year - going on 15 year old, tall slim, beautiful girl and you want to make it as a model. What do you do next. Well lets assume that you have all the qualifications, so what should be the next requirement.

The Answer Is Mum: Yes your Mother, unless she backs you 100%, it’s going to be uphill all the way.But if your parents are with you, you look great and you're positive, you'll make it as a 'Wanna be a Model' baby!

The questions your Mum should ask: If you are in contact with a photographer or agency, especially on the internet, you have to follow some simple rules as there is a lot of bad out there and you should be aware of this. Wanna be a Model, always allow your Mum to make arraignments for meetings and NEVER go alone to an appointment. I cannot over stress the importance of these safety rules.

Security tip, meaning make an appointment at the studio or offices of that person, or in a popular place full of people, to speak to people so that they will be able to remember some information about you, to wear something red or bright, eye catching. Let your family know at all times about your schedule and where you are at what time and when your expected home. NEVER go to an appointment by yourself, only with your Mum or other senior family member. Carry a cell phone and keep in contact. If you've done your homework right you'll have no problems.

I Remember Being approached by the Mother of a 14 year old 'Wanna be Model', her daughter was 'hell bent' on becoming a model. I did some test shots of her and she worked well in front of the camera. Her name was Jo Howard.

I Took Her To "Gavins", at the time a top Model Agency in Bond Street, London, and 'bingo' she was on every poster, magazine cover, newspaper,- you name it – there she was. She was something special, but the most important ingredient that I remember was her Mother 'spurring' her on. She became very famous and all those years back, she married one of the members of the "Rolling Stones" rock band and the rest is history.

Could This Happen To You:  Well, I would go for a much younger 'Rock Band' if I was you! But joking aside, you should approach a Model Agency first, with a recent set of photos of yourself, if you happen to know an established fashion photographer, and assuming you’ve got what it takes in looks etc, there is no dough this will help. Why, because if the photographers interest in you is genuine, it’s like a personal introduction to an agency and is more or less saying, that the photographer has approved you.

CHECK LIST - are you:

Tall & Slim 1.7meter
Good with People
Hard Working
Eat Healthy
Excise, and above all


Model Agencies: Know what they are looking for, but an endorsement from a known Photographer will help in some cases, because agencies are looking for feed back from the photographers and studios they supply models to.

First: It will mean that you will have to make appointments with as many agencies as possible and if you manage to get introduced to a photographer that wants to run Test Shots of you, this could be the beginning of building your portfolio and further introductions.

You Will Need An Iron Willpower: To survive! But if you are forever POSITIVE and you don’t take no for an answer, you’re moving in the right direction. Learn to become totally dedicated to achieving your goal.

Some Model Agencies: Will train you for a fee, but make sure that you have chosen a reputable and well known agency, not a "rip-off" scam. You see, if the model agency thinks that you are that good, they will train you for free. Remember that point if they are asking you for a lot of money, chances are that they are more interested in your money than finding you work.

Don't Make: Instant decisions about joining any agency. Research the agencies first. Why not contact one or two of the big fashion studios, to see if you can find out which model agencies they use most frequently.

Be Prepared: For some disappointment, it’s getting harder to be a working model than ever before. Be realistic, if you have been "bashing your head against a brick wall", for more than a year or so, you may need to take a hard long look at yourself, and ask the question, "have I got what it takes". If you believe you have, just keep going, but if you are in any dough, bow out gracefully.

If Your Going To Make It: It will need hard work, a positive attitude and total dedication, or as my Grandad use to say, "Never say die until your dead, then it's too late". Good Luck!

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