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teen Photo Workshop

Above: Film camera Canon EOS 50, Zoom lens 28-80mm. Metz flash: TTL setting. Film stock: Fuji Pro-Pack 100ASA color negative

Photo Workshop
Me working with model Nurit.

When Gili asked me for advice shooting teen fashion on location, I was happy to help one of my 'star' students with a 'Teen Photo Workshop'.

If you happen to be visiting, Tel-Aviv is a great city to shoot a teen photo workshop your always guaranteed bright sunny and 'hot' weather, with a great choice of backgrounds.

Teen Fashion Model for this occasion was Gili's younger sister Nurit who after some arm twisting, volunteered to be a stand-in 'model' for the Photo Workshop.

After a brief discussion/tuition from me, I let Gili put some of her own ideas to work.

The next thing I knew, we had the model jumping out of the fountains, climbing lamp posts and hanging from parallel bars.

When shooting teenagers these ideas can work well, however when shooting fashion, even casual clothes, the client will not only want the images to look good, but will expect to see detail in his garments as well.

So for every fun 'teen Photo Workshop' idea you come up with for the shoot there must be a more simple or standard approach as well. This will make a good mix of images to show your client and not only do you bring new ideas to the shoot, but that you have considered his garments carefully as well.

This was Gili's first go at shooting casual garments in a 'teen Photo Workshop' as if for a client's brochure or catalogue and part of her learning curve. But I feel that because of Gili's attention to composition and detail, she will adapt to shooting casual teen fashion with the same dedication she puts into her pictures.

photos ? Gili Istrin 2005

Teen Photo Workshop

Photo Workshop


Teen Photo Workshop

Left; Gili at work. Notice how she's holding the camera at a low angle. This is one of the first rules in shooting fashion,
Camera height = Knee height.

Gili is shooting with a digital camera, which has a LCD screen and makes for easy viewing at any angle, you can also see your result immediately on screen.

Photo Workshop - Teen

Right; Gili and model Nurit, look at some of the teen Photo Workshop images to decide what the next course of action will be.

Digital camera info: Nikon, 5.24 Megapixel, 8X Optical Zoom; ED, Coolpix 5700; This is a good entry level camera for the serious minded photographer and it delivers clear crisp images.

The idea of 'Fun' pictures for a casual 'Teen Photo Workshop', reminds me of a true story from my past 'hay-day' as a fashion photographer.

At the time I was a freelance photographer at one of the largest Ad Studios in London, UK. (Oh, buy the way that was over three decades ago)!

Worksheet: The Job: 20 pages Teen Fashion for Littlewoods Mail Order Catalogue.

The Brief: The Manager of the studios told me that he wanted the models to stand next to a stream or river, looking 'Sad", or thoughtful, you name it - just damm sad! - What a brief...

The Location: South West England. UK. The Models: Four Top Teenage Fashion Models, (average age 23 years old)!

The Crew: Photographer, (yours truly). Four Models. Two assistants and a driver.

The Transport: A mini-bus and a driver.

The Accommodation: A '4 star' Hotel - Three nights stop-over.

First day of the shoot and after standing four models by the river looking 'Sad', I was beginning to get a bit sad myself. Not to be put off, I did what I was asked and was even making good progress with the total number of shots we had to do, at the same time trying to keep my crew happy.

Photo Workshop
A fun shot of mine at the expence
of the garment.

By now we were well into the second day and pretty much covered what we had been asked to do, with good time to spare.

By the way, this was always the way I worked, in so much that my crew, the Models and assistants would agree at the beginning to max' their cooperation with each other, to move
the job along. At this point I might add that I new my job well and I used some of the best Models and worked with assistants that I liked and more importantly most seem to like working with me.

Anyway, at this point,
while moving from location to location, we came across a field of Hay which just been cut and stacked.

I said that's it. Stop the mini-bus. Even without me saying anything, everybody knew what was about happen. We dived straight in and quickly started to re-shoot some of the 'Sad' shots and replaced them with 'Fun' shots, jumping about, "Making Hay While The Sun Shines", returning the following day to finish off.

Back in London at the end of the second day, they had received the film for processing. I had intended for all the 'Sad' shots the Manager has asked for, to be processed first.

But there was a mix up and all the 'Fun' shots were processed first.
Teen Photo Workshop
Photo Workshop
This is what I call two 'safe' shots, notice something the garments look grate, not to mention the sexy model! photos: ? Roger Lewis

The Manager was on the phone late that evening screaming at me, "Where's my looking 'Sad' shots by the water"

I told him that we had already shot them and we had worked so hard, that we had time for an alternative set of shots to show the client.

I could hear the relief in the Managers voice when he heard that and he said "thank God for that, because these shots are 'bloody' useless.

When we returned to London, I was there when the client from Manchester, UK. arrived to look at the "trannies".

I could here him saying, as he looked at the 'Sad' shots on the light box, "Hmm, quite nice, Hmm quite nice" and I could see a smug look on the Managers face as he looked relived.

On the side of the light box were the other set of 'Fun' shots, which I think the Manager wasn't going to show him. But as fate would have it, he spotted them. 'What's this" he said..."Great stuff.... we'll go with this set".

The Manager quickly explained that he had 'arraigned' for me to shoot an alternative set of pictures. The client looked at me and winked...

The Manager never did question my judgment again and the client asked for me to shoot the next assignment... end of story...

Comment: Always listen to your client's requirements. but show some flair and introduce new ideas, but don't over do it, but do have fun with your' Teen Photo Workshop'.

I would just like to say well done Gili and thank you Nurit.


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