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Bikini Model - Beach Shoot

Teen Model Pink Bikini

Well, that largely depends on your point of view, I mean do you think your have what it takes to shoot a spread of Glamour digital photos of your Teen Model for example on a beach, using your new Digital SLR Camera.

Of course you have, because we're gonna hold your hand and guide you step-by-step through the learning process, until you you know you stuff off-by-heart!

Like choosing your backgrounds and the correct time of day to shoot your Digital Photos, at your chosen location, so you get the best possible lighting conditions.

How to use a separate flash-fill, and not to use your camera's built in flash which is just not powerful enough for a professional photo assignment.

We'll teach you how to prepare your digital camera equipment and what you need to take with you on location, especially if your situated a long way from base.

What will be needed, in the way of legal documents and parental permission to photograph your model if she's under the age of 18, this is important and you shouldn't proceed with your photo-shoot unless you have taken care of these details. Photographers it's essential that you act professionally when photographing a model and have all the relevant documents to hand, even a teen location shoot on the beach.

So lets examine how to achieve all of the above First you will must a check list of all the digital camera equipment you'll need to to take with you if your shooting on location and secondly it's wise to make a list of the type of shots you would like to take, even if it's not possible to achieve all on your first photo-shoot. Don't keep all your ideas in your head, if they're on paper, the chances are that you will start to get some results that please.

Backgrounds: If you using a background for the first time, it's important to visit the exact location you propose to shot your digital photos before hand and at the exact time you propose to shoot your pictures. It's just not good enough to know of a great location unless you visit the exact spot with you photo-shoot in mind.

The best time of day for location fashion model photography is 2 or 3 hours before sunset or 2 to 3 hours after sunrise. This is when the shadows are long and the light is soft and warm. Avoid shooting at midday when the sunlight is hash causing ugly shadows.

Fill-Flash: You will need to use a separate flash gun at a ratio of 2-1. For example a ratio of 2-1, simply means that if your camera exposure is 125/second at a camera f.stop 8, you should use your separate flash on "Auto" and set it to 5.6, this will reduce the output of the flash so as not to burn out the subject. If you set the flash at the same f. number as your camera, (in this example f.8), it will over expose your subject and your digital images will look washed out. It's a sound idea to run test shots the day before on a stand in model, to get the hang of the idea if your not yet use to it.

Equipment you'll be taking with you: Digital SLR Camera, lenses, lens hood, (tripod, in case of low light, for example camera exposure of 60/second or slower), spare memory card, spare batteries for flash and camera, camera case and any props you care to take with you, beach chairs etc. Don't forget to take your list of picture ideas with you. It's also important to make sure that you have all the garments and accessories you will need for your model, perhaps yet another list of things she'll need to bring with her. All of these three lists are equally as important and planning is the name of the game, the more you plan the better are your chances of success.

Minor Model Release Form: This is a standard form in the modeling industry, giving the right for the photographer and his client to use the images. This has to be signed on completion of the photo session, in duplicate by the parent or legal guardian of a model that is under the age of eighteen. One copy each for the Photographer and the Model's parent. It's also important that the parent or legal guardian, is present at the photo shoot. You can obtain the text of a minor model release form, by typing in the serch engine box "Minor Model Release" and copying the text.

Bikini Beach Model

Pink Bikini

Pink Bikini Model

Teen Bikini Model on Beach

Teen Bikini

Young Teen Model Bikini

Finally, your check list: Make sure you have all three check lists sorted in advance of your photography session. That is, Camera check list, Photo schedule List of which photos you want to take, Model's Garments and accessories List.

Why not bookmark this page and come back to see me again soon.


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