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Bikini Beach Model

Bikini Beach Model in Teen Bikini
Teen Model: Nurit

Wouldn't it be nice to have your own relax chair by the ocean on your very own bikini beach. An ideal location for a Teen Model - Bikini Beach shoot.

"Do you remember back in old L.A. When everybody drove a Chevrolet... beach baby, beach baby, give me your hand, Give me something that I can remember"... go on, sing-a-long!

This was basically a shoot out between a Nikon Digital SLR Camera and a SLR Canon EOS film camera, who was the winner? To be quite honest it was a close tie for both formats as good Images were produced by both cameras.

The theme behind the picture story of this page was taken from the the old classic song, "Beach baby, Beach baby". I asked our model Nurit if she would be available for the shoot, she agreed.

She was chaperoned by big sister, Art Photographer Gili Istrin, who was on hand to offer help and ideas for the teen beach shoot..

You know when you get two professional photographers together shooting with a digital SLR camera and a SLR film camera the ideas flow very quickly, in the end all we were short on was time, memory card and film!

Have you ever noticed how you feel so much better when you're by the ocean, especially if your on our very own beach location, where even in the height of summer there are very few people around to disturb you from your bikini beach shooting session.

By finding new ideas and angles to shoot on our beach location, we put Nurit our Teen model through her paces, the problem was we were coming up with too many ideas to cover all. Well as they say, great minds think alike.

Why not select a new Digital Camera from the list on the left. As I have said before the best camera for a bikini model beach location photo-shoot, is a Digital SLR Camera and if you budget wont stretch to a full pro SLR camera, see if you can scrape the cash together and try an entry level Digital SLR Camera, with a pixel image of 10.01.

You can try a point and shoot digital camera and although that's not very professional and has it's limitations, you might just get a good set of images which will inspire you to move up to a semi pro or pro digital SLR camera.

photos and words by: Roger Lewis '2005 - 2010'

Beach Baby - Bikini beach

A relax chair by the ocean on your very own teen bikini beach. All set for a Digital SLR Camera Teen Bikini Beach Model shoot.

... "beach baby, beach baby, give me your hand, Give me something that I can remember"...

Teen Model Beach Baby

Teen bikini beach shoot

Back to the Summer location shoot, the main picture above, shot with a Canon EOS film camera, sets the mood and tells the whole beach baby story, but as we had our teen bikini model plus two Professional photographers, we shot these images to give you the feeling of summer on the beach, shot around mid August, trying out different ideas.

We even tried setting the relax chair further out in the ocean but found that not only did the chair get washed away so did our bikini model, not to mention the photographers.

At this point to make matters worse, the umbrella also caught the wind and some time was spent in trying to retrieve it after chasing it across the beach and into the ocean.

bikini model - bikini beach

Beach baby

Teen bikini

Sea, sand and rocks always makes for a good backdrop for a swimware location model shoot and because of the different textures of these backgrounds, together with the ocean itself, there's endless shooting possibilities to explore.

I have to admit that each time I shoot at our bikini beach, I discover even more alternitive use of these natural resources, Photographers don't forget to shoot some images at a low angle to include the sky as a background as well also remember to shoot two or three hours before sunset, when the shadows are long and the light is soft and warm.

Bikini Model

bikini beach

Teen bikini model

So braking down the background elements for our beach photo shoot, you have in fact four possible backdrops and all the variations in using these elements in different ways.

Then you can also introduce props to the photo shoot as we did with the relax chair, low beach chairs, umbrella and white wrap.

bikini beach

Beach baby

Beach Glamour Model

Don't forget the bikini models wardrobe, different outfits, earrings etc, now you're putting your teen swimwear shoot together. This should all be pre-planned together with sorting out all your digital camera equipment before hand.

At the end of the day we all agreed that it had been a worthwhile Teen beach photo shoot, with a great selection of model poses to choose from, but there always seems to be too many good images that you end up not using.

teen beach

Beach baby

Bikini beach Model

But we all came to the same conclusion and that is we'd all love our own 'Bikini Beach', well wouldn't you!

"Beach baby, beach baby, give me your hand, Give me something that I can remember,
Just like before we can walk by the shore in the moonlight".....
Dream on!

Beach Baby & photographer, PhotoRog

Bikini beach - Action!

teen Beach Baby - bikini shoot

Gili Istrin grabs some shots

of yours truly at work with model Nurit.

For all inquiries about this page and images got to our contact page and e-mail us.


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