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Teen Model bikini - dance

Dance Little Lady Dance - "I just love to dance on the beach in the spring, When it's warm and the Summer is ahead", said Teen Bikini Model Maayan

Teen Model - Bikini Beach Shoot

A beautiful Image of our Teen Model Dancing on the beach, captured by the lens of PhotoRog - Dance little Lady dance - Dancing to the end of time...

There are some formal model poses for our Model photo-shoot and sometimes I just let her dance and often get great Images. Model Maayan just loves to dance on the beach and my camera goes into action and memorable pictures just happen.

These pictures shot in late May, in less than perfect weather, were among the first images of the year, but the delight of being back shows all over the face of our Teen Model.

With a selection of new beachwear we started out with the new photo session and the first thing I discovered is that they have taken down the beach cafe, so that's means we have to bring a cold box with refreshments or we could have a strike on our hands!

It's important to carry cool drinks in hot weather conditions when shooting on a beach. Another chore for poor old Mom, who has enough on her plate as it is.

But you know, what I generally like to do is get the shots out of the way first that will be taken taken out of the water and when our teen model starts to complain, switch to the Ocean shots... Now that soon puts a smile on her face.

Beach shots have to be carefully thought out, but you know some of the best shots happen when you least expect it and you have to be prepared to change directions at short notice, so keep your camera ready at all times. Don't be caught with your tripod down!

Check out our other photo-shoot pages at the beach, packed with photo tips on setting up a photo-location shoot with a model and visit us again real soon.

Teen Model in White Bikini

Bikini Model on the beach

Bikini Beach Model

Bikini Model  Sexy Teen Bikini

Teen Bikini beach shoot

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