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Teen Green Bikini Model

Get More Great Info Here and Teen Model Photo-Shoot Tips

For this Photo-Shoot, our teen model chose a new Green Bikini: Now check our free info tips below, photographing your Model on a beach.

Teen and Green Beach Model

You asked me for more tips photographing a Teen Bikini Model: And I hope you have your Digital SLR Camera and other digital camera equipment you'll need ready with you, we'll talk more about cameras on another page.

If you've already found your Teen Model Girl, believe me that's the biggest problem solved. The next most important thing while working with your new model at your Bikini Beach photo-shoot is to keep talking with her and to make sure that her Mom is involved with the shoot as well.

You will find as you progress and after several photo shoots, your Model will become less reliant on her Mom's support and will, hopefully bring something to the Photo-Shoot in the way of poses and ideas as well.

Don't expect too much at first from your Teen Model as she may be somewhat shy as well as inexperienced as a model.

A good thing here is to keep talking to her, paying her complements by telling how good she looks as a Bikini Model and gently helping with poses in front of the camera, keeping in mind she's not a top Fashion Model and doesn't have to look like one.

Don't expect great conversation from her, as not only is she very young, she is probably very shy as well. After a while and a few model booking assignments later she will, in most cases become a little bit more confident and get use to the shooting sessions on location or in your studio.

Now I must warn you there are going to be some off days when your Bikini Model may not be up to it and you find her in a bad mood for a Beach photo-shoot.

I had this experience with a Model some time back, whare she had had fallen out with Mom and her Aunt was sent in her place as her chaperon, who insisted in sitting in the cafe drinking coffee several hundred yards away and out of site from whare we were shooting on the beach.

This was the first time that our Young Model had to go it alone, I mean without the help and encouragement of her Mom. To make matters worse it was a day when my assistant was not with me. She had got use to him being around and they had struck up a good friendship.

Now I was beginning to feel the "dead space" myself and despite my years of pro experience in photographing models, the prospects of getting good beach model shots right now had fallen to an all time low.

Photographers please note: The following points should be noted, or put it another way, you should know when NOT to proceed with your beach photo shoot. So I asked her "Would you like an Ice cream with chocolate chips", the most expensive one available in the cafe by the way, and there was an immediate improvement in the look on her face! But I could see there was something wrong with her life right now.

We walked over to the beach cafe, carefully avoiding her Aunt and seated ourselves on the other side of the cafe, whare I attempted to extract the whole sad story from her.

It appeared that she had a big fight with her Mom, and I don't intend to bore you all with details. But the point of the story is that she wanted a sympathetic ear to listen to her point of view, which I do very well buy the way, and after off loading all her sad tale on me for about 15 minutes, I found myself offering words of comfort and advice, to which our Teen Beach Model responded quite well.

Later, and back at our teen Beach shoot there was a different story about to unfold and after the therapy that had preceded it, there was a new found enthusiasm to the beach photo session and she went back into 'full working mode' with pose after pose and in little over an hour we completed enough Images for two pages and more.

Photographers please remember, sometimes you just have to walk away from your beach location shoot. Then find a different route back and sometimes "words" are all you have, of course preceded by a very large and expensive ice cream!

You may have noticed that I haven't spent any time on talking about finding a model, two reasons it's not an easy task, but more importantly this topic has already been talked about in our 'How To' shoot a Teen Model on this page, but in any case check it out and I hope it helps.

Another thing 'Teen Model' photographers should also possess is the patience of a Saint, the experience of a pro Fashion Photographer of 30 years standing and the thick skin of a salesman. But somehow in between all this you'll find a way.

Final tip, try to be creative with your Teen Model and use different camera angels, low level in particular often works well. Don't shoot from head height, unless there's a very good reason to do so. Get down to ground level.

Get your Bikini Model to pose on the ground. Try a few back shots, close up shots. If she has long hair it often looks much better loose and not tied back, especially by the ocean.

Also if her hair is wet it can look grate. Two things to avoid, over cute and over sexy. Try to be somewhere in-between. Watch out for a natural beach model pose that just happens. You can also try to re-create a natural pose idea as well.

Teen Green Beach Model

Teen Green Beach Model

Bikini Model

Bikini Model  Sexy Teen Bikini

Teen Model Green Bikini

Bikini Model  Sexy Teen Bikini

Your questions are always welcome.

Roger Lewis ? '2003 - 2010'

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