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Summer Digital Photo - Bikini Model or the Kids

In the Summertime when the weather is hot, you got photos, you got photos on your mind!

Digital Summer  Photo Tips - Teen Model

The kids are bugging you
to take them to the beach, now here is a great chance for a photo session of your little models.

Having discovered all the advantages of your new digital point-and-shoot camera, you already know how easy it is to get great images of the kids with just a little effort.

And anyone out there that is seriously thinking of making photography a full time hobby, or perhaps even going professional one day, what better way to practice your photo technique with you new digital SLR camera and a teen model.

If your out with your kids togeather with your point-and-shoot digital camera in the height of summer make sure that they are not exposed to to much sun and apply a sunscreen to their skin.

In any case, did you know that the best time of day to shoot pictures of your kids on the beach is 2 - 3 hours before sunset, this will not only give you a better lighting, but as the sun is getting weaker and they wont suffer the affects of being out in the heat as much.

Now set your camera on the AUTO mode and forget all about the problems we all use to have with the older cameras and get to grips with composing your picture.

When shooting pictures of your children the number one rule is to get down to their level, this will give impact to your image. Take time to carefully check out your backgrounds and making sure you don't have a post sticking out out the top of one of your kids head.

It always helps to move closer to the subject, or zoom in to fill the frame of the picture and the first thing you will notice is that your Images are at last beginning to look professional.

It only takes a few seconds to frame your photograph carefully, making sure that your background is not cluttered and that you have filled the frame with a close up of your kids for maximum impact, thereby giving an immediate professional look about your images.

A word of warning, your kids are not lightly to stay put in one place for any length of time, but if they are building sand castles, you could get some great close ups while their minds are occupied on it's construction, giving you time to compose the image and frame the shots. I might also be a good plan to set your camera to Continuous Shooting mode and capture a series of shots at around 3 shots a second.

You could also try to set up what would look like a candid shot while suggesting to the kids the action to take, this often works well. In any case you will be following them round until you have captures a few frames. Just remember to get down to their level, making sure to fill the frame in the camera be moving or zooming in a bit.

Let me repeat these two main points one more time; get down to their level by kneeling or lying on the ground and fill the frame with your kids in close up.

For the more advanced workers and especially the ones that might be thinking of turning professional photographer one day. Lets assume that you have your teen bikini model sorted and together with her Mom your headed to the beach.

Planning a photo shoot, whether it's with the kids or a semi pro teen model photo shoot should be carefully planned, but it's ten times more important when moving up the scale when photographing a model on a photo shoot.

You will have to study the chosen location at around the same time of day as you propose to shoot your teen model, checking out the backgrounds, but more importantly observing the lighting conditions that you will encounter at the same time, by visiting the location the day or so before the photo shoot.

Remember the best time of the day for a location photo shoot is 2-3 hours before sunset or 2-3 after sunrise, this is when the the shadows are long and the light is soft and ideal for a fashion shoot.

The Pros always do this but as some repeatedly use the same locations backgrounds, they are familiar with the lighting conditions and know what they will encounter on the day of the shoot.

If your an advanced photographer or thinking of going pro, you will need to shoot with a pro digital SLR camera, or an entry level semi pro SLR digital camera such as the Canon EOS digital Rebel XTi, this is a great camera to get started with.

Planning your photo shoot is the first necessary: You'll need to create a check list, writing down what digital photography equipment you need to take with you, typically SLR digital camera, two different focal length zoom lenses, camera bag, separate flash gun, tripod. It would be a sound idea to make a list of the garments the model will be wearing and a list of the shots you want to shoot.

If you work with a plan in mind, you are already thinking professionally and as you progress from semi to pro photographer, you have already taught yourself valuable lessons, which will help with your future success, especially if you plan to be a pro.

Now much of what has been said above regarding advice on photographing your kids, can be applied when shooting your teen model and you should use some of these points such as, shooting from low level always brings impact to your shot; Framing your image carefully filling the frame and checking out whats going on in your backgrounds avoiding clutter. When you apply these simple rules, you will bring eye contact to the clothes the model is wearing.

This is exactly what your client could be looking for, but keep in mind that rules can be broken and if your model is lying or sitting on the ground it might be good to shoot from head height.

If you model is in a standing pose an unwritten rule is that the camera height should be your knee height. So therefore if you keep to some of these camera angles and thereby getting some great shots, it will give you further opportunity to be more creative and show other ideas. This is even more important if you have a client that has commissioned you for a shoot, he will surely be impressed with your work and maybe the model as well.

It's necessary to use a separate flash unit for a pro photo shoot as the cameras built in flash is just not powerful enough. You will also have to use your separate flash gun set to AUTO, used at a ratio of 1-2.

Let me explain more fully cutting through the technical jargon; Suppose your using a Digital camera setting ISO 100 and your can see that camera meter is telling you need an exposure of 200/second at f11, a flash ratio of 1 to 2 simply means that you set the separate flash on AUTO to f8. This will reduce the power of the flash.

Bikini Teen, Beach Shoot

Beach Teen, Model

Bikini Teen Model - red panties - 'Sports' mode action shot

Shoot Model, Bikini

Teen Bikini Beach Shoot

If you also set the flash to f11 the same as the exposure, your image will be over exposed. Be careful not to set your cameras shutter speed faster than the cameras recommended flash sync speed, usually 200/second.

I generally work with the camera set to Shutter Priority, you are able to read the camera f. stop number and then set your separate flash unit to the correct AUTO setting accordingly.

When switching to action shots, running, jumping, cartwheels etc, turn the flash off and set you camera mode to the "SPORTS" setting and in the height of summer on a beach for example, your exposure may be as high as 800 - 1,000/ second, the f. stop setting will change to suite the shutter speed. Pro Photographers use this setting for action photography.

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