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Teen Model Shoot - Bikini Beach

Tips for preparing your Bikini Model Beach Photo Shoot

Professional Photo Tips, Info and Advice to help you shoot your Teen Bikini Beach Model.
Are you Prepared...

Preparing and organising for your new Young Teen Photo Shoot on a Bikini Beach or in your new home studio, to test out your new digital SLR camera and lets assume you haven't done this type of digital photography before, WHARE DO YOU START?

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White Bikini - Teen Model

Perhaps you've already got past problem number one, finding your Bikini Model and you think that now your ready to go, just hang on a minute while I explain a few things to you.

Before you can grab your new Digital SLR Camera and photograph your new Young Teen Model, you would have to have written permission from one of her parents or legal guardian.

You will also need a 'Minor Model Release' form for her Mom to sign when the Digital Camera Photo-Shoot is complete. This should be signed in duplicate, one for the Minor Models Mom and one for the photographer.

In the Minor Model Release Form, it simply states that the Parent or legal guardian has given permission for the photographer to use these Images he has just taken for whatever advertising purposes that he and his client require and that the Model's Mom for example, has agreed for the photographer to do so.

This is a standard form in the modeling industry.

You can however, add the limitations to the use of the photographs, for example for a 'How To' photo website, an advertising photo shoot for a product company etc. But the photographer will also be protected if he uses the photos for his advertising as well.

There has to be an understanding and trust between the two parties and if you are the Mom of a minor and you have any doubts whatsoever about the intentions of the photographer, a simple "no thank you" should be your answer in the first place.

This may all sound a bit heavy, but it's the first requirement before you even reach for your digital SLR camera, or think of starting to prepare for a new Young Teen Bikini model Photo Shoot.

The next consideration is the garments that your model will be wearing. She may have a good wardrobe selection, as many girls do and just when your thinking there will be little or no outlay for new clothes for the bikini photo shoot, be prepared for a shock as many items of her clothing might be showing signs of ware and look tatty, or there may not be the selection that you require for your Bikini Beach Model Photo Shoot.

If that's the case as it more lightly will be, a trip to the shopping Moll or market will be necessary, together with the Teen Model and her Mom. This is all time consuming and will have to fit round her school hours and after the Teen Bikini Model has tried on the new outfits and after you have all collectively decided which garments to buy, it usually means reaching deep into your own pockets to pay for the new clothes bill.

You will also have to attend a Model Fitting another evening with the Model and her Mom, to decide what selection of outfits you want to go for and to see that the garments really fit well.

Always have at least two selections of outfits ready and always have a plan "B" up your sleeve, as the best of an organized photo shoots will all to often not work out.

White Bikini - Model Shoot

Teen Bikini Model on a beach

Teen Model Photo Shoot

Bikini Beach - Pink Bikini Model

Have you scouted your locations for a good background such as your 'Bikini Beach' location or down by the river etc.

Note the following comments very carefully, It will never be good enough to say "I know a great place we can go", unless you personally have previously visited the exact spot with the idea of your photo shoot in your mind, even if you know the location from you previous relaxing hours, this is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH. You must know exactly whare your going for your Photo Shoot.

For example, have you considered the position of whare the sun will be at the time of your proposed shoot with your new digital camera and did you know that the best time for photography is two or three hours after Sun Rise, and more importantly to you as you will be most lightly be shooting after your Models school hours, two or three hours before sunset.

You will notice that professional photographers use these hours when the shadows are long and the light is worm and soft. DO NOT shoot at noon when the sun will give hash shadows and ruin your shots. This piece of information is very important to observe.

Digital Camera equipment should be second nature and always on stand by. By that I mean are the rechargeable batteries for your separate flash gun at full power. Have you got the correct lens hood for your camera. Spare memory cards for your digital camera and film stock if your using a film camera and always carry a tripod with you.

Your tripod can remain in the trunk of your car most of the time, unless your working in low light conditions and then use it all the time like the professional do and believe me they know a thing or two. An unwritten rule is to use your tripod if, a) The exposure is 1/60 second or slower, b) you've got the shakes from to much 'vino' the night before, c) special effects or fairly static shots.

But the good news is that in most cases in the height of summer or good weather conditions, working at 125/second or higher, there will be little use for it.

Teen Studio Shoot

Teen Model Shoot

Teen Model Studio shoot

Teen Portrait Studio

But what if you propose to work in your home studio set up. On a previous page we explained how you can use a spare room in your house for a teen studio and suggested some ideas on flash equipment you should be looking for.

The most important thing to remember when your working in your studio, is to choose uncluttered backgrounds and try to work with some of the things you may have around the home in the way of furniture etc, as part of your shots.

Keep the lighting soft and try to avoid shadows across the face and remember working in the studio your not subject to the elements when working on your Bikini Beach location, therefore you should have total control over how the photographs will look, even down to making sure that the Teen models hair is looking good.

And dont forget that your Teen Model's Mom or appointed guardian should always be present at the Photo Shoot while shooting your young Teen Model girl.

On the next page: Lets Talk About Fill-Flash, Cameras and Models  Do you have enough experience to get it all together and pull off a professional style young teen model shoot.

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